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Welcome to the home website of Paul Druzba
author of Neversink : Reading's "Other" Mountain

Perfect bound, 240 pg.
published by Prinkling Press
© 2012

"Neversink: Reading’s Other Mountain" is the best and only book ever written about the history of Neversink Mountain in Reading, Berks County, Pennsylvania. In the 1880’s, the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad was on its way to becoming the largest corporation in the world, and its center was moving from Philadelphia to Reading. To take advantage of Reading’s strategic location, the railroad invested hundreds of thousands of 1890 dollars into creation of a resort and picnic area on Reading’s Neversink Mountain.
This book traces the history of this "resort" period, from 1880 to 1930, including the building of the world’s first water-powered electric railroad, The Neversink Mountain Railroad. The resort also included a massive 150-room hotel, and a huge entertainment complex, both of which were 350 feet long.
It is also the story of the Neversink Mountain Railroad, which circled the mountain with eight miles of track, on a bed hand-cut from the slopes of the mountain.
This is the NEW, EXPANDED edition, second printing, which is larger, has 50 more pages than the original version, and lots of new pictures! And it sells for $14.95 direct from the author, plus $2.75 for shipping in the USA.

If you are a member of Paypal, just click on the "Buy Now" button below to access your Paypal account. I can sign your copy if you’re using Paypal. Just let me know. If you're NOT a member of Paypal, you may send a check or money order for $17.70 directly to me, at:
Paul Druzba
119 Shed Road
Douglassville, PA 19518

If you're interested in supporting the Berks Conservancy, the book can also be purchased by clicking on this link to The Berks Conservancy. Proceeds of the sale of the book on this site benefits the Berks Conservancy, and their efforts to preserve Neversink Mountain.

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