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Neversink: Reading's Other Mountain
Perfect bound, 240 pg.
published by Prinkling Press
© 2012

"Neversink: Reading’s Other Mountain" is now in its second edition- larger than the first, with more than 50 extra pages of new stories and pictures. This is the best and only book ever written about the history of Neversink Mountain in Reading, Berks County, Pennsylvania. In the 1880’s, the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad was on its way to becoming the largest corporation in the world, and its center was moving from Philadelphia to Reading. To take advantage of Reading’s strategic location, and to increase passenger traffic from Phildelphia and New York, the railroad invested hundreds of thousands of 1890 dollars into creation of a resort and picnic area on Reading’s Neversink Mountain.
This book traces the history of this "resort" period, from 1880 to 1930, including the building of the world’s first water-powered electric railroad, The Neversink Mountain Railroad. The resort also included a massive 150-room hotel, and a huge entertainment complex, both of which were 350 feet long.
It is also the story of the Neversink Mountain Railroad, which circled the mountain with eight miles of track, on a bed hand-cut from the slopes of the mountain. The book is an ideal hiking companion, as it is arranged to cover the stops that would have occurred during a trip on the railroad, one after the other. Its small, 6-by -9 size makes it easy to tuck in a backpack and take along on a hike or bike ride on Neversink.

$14.95 plus $3.50 for shipping

Pendora: Forgotten Trolley Park of Reading
Perfect bound, 276 pg.
published by Prinkling Press
© 2015

"Pendora: Forgotten Trolley Park of Reading" is the story of a lavish amusement park that was built on the site of an old ice dam on the east side of Reading, Pennsylvania, in Berks County, in 1907. The book discusses various similar enterprises that led to the creation of Pendora, including the Neversink Mountain Railroad, Miller's Family Park, Central Park (not the one in New York), and Carsonia Park. Pendora as an amusement park lasted only three seasons, and came to a fiery end. But the story does not end there. The book includes the creation of "The Reading Zoo" at Pendora, and follows the efforts of concerned residents of East Reading, who finally persuaded the City of Reading to purchase the property and make it part of the city's playground system. The book is printed in full color, with well over 100 pictures, and includes construction of the Olivet Boys and Girls Club on the park's eastern end. The book will be signed and dated by the author.

$15.00 plus $3.50 for shipping

Carsonia Park: Midway of Memories
Perfect bound, 405 pg.
published by Prinkling Press
© 2017

“Carsonia Park: Midway of Memories” tells the fascinating story of one of best known amusement parks in Pennsylvania in the first half of the 20th Century. This 405-page book, printed in full color, tells the entire history of this trolley park, from its modest opening in 1896, till its sad closing in 1950. You’ll see how the park evolved over the years, to meet the changing tastes of its visitors.

People as far away as California and Florida- people who used to live in Berks County and moved away, find that this book provides a nostalgic look back at the fun days of their youth. It’s also been popular with newer residents of the Pennside and Mount Penn areas around Reading, Pennsylvania, where a small section of the original park is still in the same spot, and has even regained its former proud name- “Carsonia Park”

$20.00 plus $4.00 for shipping

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